Vem sets sensible configuration options by default. However, there are some values that you may need to configure to adapt them to your development environment:

Keyboard layout

Vem supports QWERTY, QWERTZ and AZERTY keyboard layouts. Check this section if you use use one keyboard that is not QUERTY (the default value).


By default, Vem uses 4 spaces for indentation. To use tabs or change the indentation size check this section.

Line endings

In general, the editor is able to detect which correct line ending to use (LF or CRLF) depending on the platform it is being executed on or the existing newlines in the file that is open. However, if you want to know more or force an specific line ending type, check this section.


Vem uses UTF-8 by default and tries to detect and use other encodings depending on the file that is open. If you want to have a different default encoding or want to convert existing files, check this section.

Git integration

Check this section to know how to display the current Git repository branch name in Vem's status line.

Configuration per filetype

You may want to set some configuration options only for specific file types. For instance, you may want to set a different indentation size for CSS or YAML files than the one in your programming language. To learn how to do so, check this section.