Ryan L McIntyre

Vim Devicons provides many glyphs (icons) for many development related filetypes.



  • It provides support for many popular Vim plugins (NERDTree, vim-airline, CtrlP, powerline, denite, unite, lightline.vim, vim-startify, vimfiler, vim-buffet and flagship).

  • It requires for you to use a patched font. You can download one from Nerd Fonts or patch your own.


Vem Tabline, the plugin used by Vem to display the names of the buffers at the top of the editor, autodetects when vim-devicons is installed and displays a file type icon next to each filename.

If you want to have vim-devicons installed but not to show the file types in the tabline you can add the following line to your vemrc file:

let g:vem_tabline_show_icon = 0