Tim Pope

Fugitive is a plugin to manage Git. It adds a :Git command that allows you to perform any Git action within the editor.



Fugitive defines two global mappings that conflict with Vem ones, to disable them add the following line to your vemrc file:

let g:fugitive_no_maps = 1

This doesn't affect the rest of mappings defined by Fugitive in its own windows (such as the ones to staging/unstaging files), but only the global ones.

If you need those mappings, you can add them in your vemrc file with mappings like these ones (adapt them to your liking):

" on the command line, insert path to the current fugitive object
cnoremap <expr> <C-r><C-g> fnameescape(fugitive#Object(@%))

" copy the path of the current fugitive object to the clipboard
nnoremap <silent> <leader>fo :<C-U>call setreg(g:vem_main_clipboard, fugitive#Object(@%))<CR>